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Friend 1: Jocelyn Ong Gender: Female Age: 16 Introduction of Jocelyn Ong: Jocelyn Ong is a friendly, nice girl.To get the image url in easiest way, move your cursor to the image, right click and click the.Freebies: Icon for Music Freebies: Icon Smile For Cbox Freebies: Coming Soon.

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First copy the chat box background code you want to a note pad.Thanks for visited my blog,nice to meet you,leave your footstep at my cbox,.Cursors comel-comel Freebies: Freebies Cute Mini Icon Freebies: Freebies Floral Background Freebies:.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 7:11 PM, 0 Bubbles. jhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.She also Share Kawaii Freebies, Cute Blogskin, Kawaii Artwork plus many useful tips.Tengah malam gini Mayar share freebies aja ga bisa tidur padahal udah ngantuk. Cari tempat kode cbox milikmu.If you done travel here,please leave your footprints:) PUT YOUR CBOX HERE:).

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Little Credits. basecode: Nurul AtiQah Edit by: Cikmimin Re-Edited By: Farah Nazyrah Others:.

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Kali ini saya akan bagikan Freebies-freebies yang cakep abis,.This is were i post, shout everything that i like, about me, some tutorials for blog, freebies, godies and freebies blogskins.

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Cute Icon Cbox: Okay Freebies Fatin kali pertama ni untuk Cute Icon di Cbox:) Maybe korang malas nk cari kan.Bagi yang still tak tahu macam mana nak letak smiley dalam cbox. Bole. slm. thanks atiqah. sis brjaya tukar icon. and amik freebies icon ckit.

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